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To become whitelisted you must first have experience with playing as Public Cop. To take the Whitelist test join the Waiting for Whitelist channel in teamspeak. tests are invigilated by our Malden testers you can identify them in teamspeak with this server group icon gitslogo If you have any questions regarding the rules please contact Root directly. root@gitsclan.co.uk

If anyone is caught in the incorrect channels while police or civilian you will be blacklisted without warning!


Section 1: General Rules
Section 2: Server Laws
Section 3: Armed Vehicles Rules
Section 4: Promotion Information
Section 5: Police Procedures
Section 6: Roles Appropriate
Section 7: Medic Rules
Section 8: Ticket Prices
Section 9: Illegal Items
Section 10: Jailable Offenses
Section 11: Social Links

General Rules

1. VDM - Vehicular Death Match - Using a Car As a Weapon
2. Spawn Killing - Shooting into Cop Bases, Rebel Bases. - This rule applies for those camping entrances also.
3. Spawn Trolling - Blowing up vehicles in rebel, or cop spawn point - Closing barrier on vehicles in cop HQs.
4. Combat Logging - Removing yourself from a situation resulting in arrest or death.
5. Shooting from glitched positions - Standing on the side of helicopters, shooting from within walls or rocks.

Ban Reasons
1. Three Rules Broken
2. Hacking Threats
3. Auto Clickers
4. Glitching - Positions, Money, gear, etc.
5. Disconnecting straight after death is considered combat-logging & glitching
6. Kamikaze
7. Advertising

Server Laws

Traffic Laws
1. Right side of the road
2. Lights on at night
3. 60km/h Inside Town
4. 120km/h (80km/h for trucks) outside towns
5. Dont park central of roads
6. Go karts are not allowed on roads other than the Go Kart Track

Firearm Laws
1. All weapons buyable at the gun store are legal
2. Legal Weapons must have a license and visible holster
3. Self defence does NOT exist
4. Must be kept holstered within cities

Illegal Items
1. Lockpicks
2. Any police gear (eg. uniforms / spikestrips)
3. Explosive Charges, Bolt Cutters
4. Drugs (all types)
5. Ghillie Suits

Medic Rules

1. Medics are never allowed to kill people
2. Medics are never allowed to carry any type of weapon
3. When a cop tells a medic not to revive, the medic has to follow that order and is NOT allowed to revive the target
4. Medics are free to revive anyone, with the exception of rule number 3

Armed Vehicles Rules

1. To engage infantry with armed vehicles, you must request GITS permission (Offroad 50. cal and Prowler armed are not included in this rule)

Promotion Information

To become whitelisted you must first have experience with playing as Public Cop. To take the Whitelist test join the Waiting for Whitelist channel in teamspeak.

Where Next
After you have taken the Whitelist test you will no longer have to take any tests. You instead will be promoted by an automated system, |GITS| members will put you on a recommendations list in our admin panel and if 66% of the admins voted yes you will automatically be promoted. In all occasions, asking for a promotion will result in a demotion instead.

Police Procedures

Police Rules
1. Police should (in all situations) use the taser as their first weapon of choice
2. The maximum ticket price is 100k if over jail the suspect

Weapon/ Gear Seizing
1. RPG's are only to be used against armed vehicles
2. Legal Weapons without the appropriate items (Read server laws) should be removed from the player
3. Illegal gear such as Ghillie Suits and Police Clothing on civilians will be seized on site and given the appropriate punishment.

House Raiding
1. GITS Permission if no GITS then SAS and SAS ONLY

Rebel Areas/ Illegal Areas
1. Rebel areas can only be raided with GITS permission
2. Police are NOT allowed to camp illegal areas

1. Vehicles at checkpoints can be searched without warning.
2. Any illegal items found within the vehicle will be seized and the vehicle can be impounded.

Civilian Crimes
1. When issuing a ticket the civilian has 15 seconds to pay. Not paying within the time will be an arrest.
2. Any civilian that is wanted for 3 serious violations (see punishments) will be send to jail.
3. A person has 1 chance to pay a ticket, if not jail.

Class A (Jail)

Vehicular manslaughter
Possession of drugs
Attempted manslaughter
Escaping jail
Accessory to jail escape
Bank robbery
Accessory to bank robbery
Terrorism (Possession of or using explosives / BTR-Kamysh / Marid / Kajman)
Knocking somebody out (Assault)
3 Class B offenses (only when ticketed for the offenses)
On the wanted list for £100,000 or more (Not to be added excessively)

Class B (Ticket price: £50,000)

Vehicle theft
Possession of illegal items (Not including drugs)
Reckless driving
Driving an illegal vehicle (Quilin Armed, All ifrits, All Jets, Kamysh, Marid, Kajman, Orca, Offroad Armed, Speed Boat Minigun, Go Kart on main roads)
Speeding inside town
Trespassing (e.g. entering police HQ without permission)
Possession of an illegal firearm

Class C (Ticket price: £20,000)

Not Following Police Orders
Evading Police/Checkpoint
Illegal Border Crossing
Entering cop vehicle
Noise Disturbance (Mic Spam)
Driving without license
Making threats to other players
Speeding outside town
Attempted vehicle theft

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