General founded |GITS| in March of 2006 Starting with the Call of Duty series. Moving onwards hosting Arma 3, Battlefield and other games.
Kid's and server bills are expensive, donations... Always Welcome.


N@@B Poepnoob

I Enjoy a little wasteland, mainly Epoch. Root is my god and i cannot handle legitimate kills.
#1 Worst player on PUBG

"I'm Naked"



In house developer
My opinions. Not necessarily shared by reasonable-minded people nor my benevolent corporate overlords

"You are all retards."


Root Poepnoob

Our very own in house developer, Total computer geek. Married to a computer geek. My blood is made of tea.

"It's not a bug it's a feature"


Smoke Administrator

One of the three great Welshman of the clan. Smoke is one of the happiest, jollyest and strangest people you will meet. Just don't ask him about his past stories.


Chasin Administrator

Chasin is just an absolute orgy of indecency.

"If you're gonna be a smartass, first you have to be smart. Otherwise you're just an ass."


Javi Administrator

Our beloved Javier, absolute stoner... too stoned to write his own description. He's our professional showgirl, you need help crossing the border? he's got you covered.

"Fuck, I wish I had a joint man."

Killer Epin

Killer Epin Administrator

Another great Welshman of GITS Killer sometimes comes up for air when he takes his daily break from Eve, he has a problem but is in denial.


Inctrl Administrator

Inctrl is the most mellow of us all, away roving and pillaging the world seas for most of it but always Inctrl. He regularly forgets to disable his swag when he signs off, always waking up covered in bitches.

"God created earth, and as a finishing touch he created the dutch."


Milo Administrator

An American |GITS| Member that likes competitive and casual games. On the contrary of Ransacker, I despise puns and Trump.


Ransacker Administrator

The Kid who shoved the square blocks in the circular holes. Nothing really happens in America so were a little trumped on what to write here.


Charlie Administrator

Charlie enjoys riding his bike up elevated platforms, He's also apart of the gay community. In his spare time he enjoys perfecting his eyebrows & attempting to retrieve nudes from Root.



Our Professional CSGO player, our very own child. We teach him the way's of life, put him on the right path. He's also completely obsessed with his penis. (We have all seen it)

"The R stands for Loyal"



Shanings is our lead Psychologist (unlicensed) he joined GITS as they were the only place that would except his expectational skill-set. Specialising in being a Specialist of Special Squads he works tirelessly to get out his weekly content. If you havent realised hes pretty sarcastic.



Nathan is from Middlesbrough, Enough said.


Combatdude Administrator



Make76 Member

We don't snow much about Make so making a description is a task that we're struggling to Finnish.



Pro GTA player, what he lacks in real life cash is the opposite when it comes to online shark cards.

"Quality! I'm currently writing my guide on how to be great at GTA Javi"


Flag Administrator

Our local Indian, capable of providing tier 1 tech support however to go higher he needs to speak to his master @Shanings


Harry Administrator

Our third (emergency) developer great in critical server situations he's also an exile dev, total computer geek. Married to RootyFruity. #Vape4life.

"Shut up Shanings"


Snoopy Member

SnoopySnoopySnoopy, fantastic player on Battlegrounds!